Security Policy COVID-19

The facility follows the general guidelines of the Chief Sanitary Inspector. At the facility reception, the rules of safety applicable in Kompleks Paczółtowice are available for inspection by the Guest. Only facility guests and suppliers working for Kompleks Paczółtowice may enter the facility premises in Kompleks Paczółtowice, subject to the obligation to wear masks. We limit the number of people staying in the facility in accordance with the regulations of authorities. Guests have at their disposal a large space both inside and outside, which allows you to keep a safe distance of min. 2 m. After the guest has checked in, our staff each time disinfects the reception desk and payment terminals. Only one guest can stay at the reception desk. We maintain the prescribed distance between guests and facility employees at the reception and public areas. We encourage you to make non-cash payments (credit card, blik). The facility bathrooms and common areas contain hand disinfectants and instructions on how to properly wash your hands. We disinfect common spaces such as door handles, handrails in staircases and buttons in elevators every hour. Meals in the restaurant and its garden are served in accordance with the regulation of the Chief Sanitary Inspector. All meals are prepared in sterile conditions in accordance with the HACCP and Sanitary Inspectorate by personnel trained in the principles of safety and hygiene. During the guests’ stay, the cleaning service is provided on request, without the presence of guests. When cleaning the rooms, we use hygienic procedures, in line with the sanitary regime, with the use of disinfectants. Basic protective measures, such as a protective mask, disposable gloves and disinfectant liquid, are available for purchase at the facility reception.

In case of justified concerns regarding your health, out of concern for the health of employees and other guests, we have the right to cancel the booking and ask for a change of date. In the event of clear signs of illness, i.e. high temperature, persistent cough, difficulty breathing, it will not be possible to check in at the facility or stay in the Complex. The person with the symptoms described above will be asked to report to the nearest epidemiology ward as soon as possible, using their own transport, to consult a doctor or contact the appropriate services. If you need help, have any questions for us regarding booking or precautions, please contact us on 12 258 85 00 or by e-mail at: Useful information: If you have any disturbing symptoms (such as high fever , coughing, shortness of breath and trouble breathing), please immediately contact the National Health Fund (NFZ), phone number 800 190 590 hotline or take your own transport to the nearest infectious disease hospital.